Hey Everyone,

So I was planning to write some getting started guides for some trending technologies and frameworks for web applications development.

But, I was totally confused with one thing and that was the Operating System. Because, I don’t want to write getting started guides for all different OS that we commonly use. And this one confusion led me to Docker. As many of you might not know about Docker or might haven’t used it before. Therefore, I decided to help you get started with Docker with a minimum level introduction and installation guide.

So Let’s begin!!

What is Docker

In a nutshell…

CameraX is another API or library that have made Android application developer’s life and work much easier for camera integration.

Introduction of CameraX has dramatically reduced both the effort and total number of lines of code required. Different feature implementation like zoom, auto focus, color balancing and others, which initially required great amount of effort and work, can now be easily integrated in any camera application.


I recently created a barcode and 2D code scanner application for one of my clients. Before the release to CameraX dependency, we were using a custom camera class to preview camera image or feed…

Hey Everyone!

Recently one of my clients asked me to implement barcode scanning features in an Android application, which I successfully implemented using Google’s ML Kit. In this article we will learn about Google ML Kit and how can we integrate in Android application.

What is ML Kit?

ML Kit is a standalone library from Google with on-device machine learning capabilities. It is easy-to-use and can be integrated in any Android and iOS application in few simple steps. And most importantly, it brings Google’s machine learning knowledge and expertise to our mobile application.

Why Google’s ML Kit?

Although, I have worked with Zxing barcode library in past for…

Firebase & Android Integration

Hey Everyone!

Today I would like to discuss about Firebase and how you can integrate it in your Android application with few simple steps.

What is Firebase

Firebase is basically a mobile and web application development platform that help developers and companies to quickly integrate some very exciting as well as interesting features in their applications.

Although it was initially introduced and developed by Firebase Inc as a company itself in 2011 as a separate platform. And at that time it was just used for real time data synchronization and hosting in cloud by different mobile applications, including Android and iOS. …

Hey everyone,

Welcome to second and final part of our “How to get started with Sass or SCSS” tutorial. In this part we will learn some basic features and scripting techniques to use and work with Sass to generate CSS for our awesome looking and responsive websites.

In our first part of this tutorial here, we have already learnt about importance and need to use Sass, two different Sass syntax, how to install Sass on a machine and how to pre-process or compile Sass files to browser compatible CSS files.

How to read this tutorial

I would again suggest you to read any programming tutorial…

Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style-sheets) is basically a scripting language that is compiled or interpreted as CSS (Cascading Style-sheets). As per official Sass website it is a CSS extension language or CSS with super powers.


I have compiled this small tutorial or how-to guide for people with some basic understanding of web development. And I am assuming that most of the readers of this guide are already familiar with terms like web designing or development, HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, etc. And they already know the importance of CSS for creating awesome looking web pages and web applications.

Why we need Sass

Long gone are the…

Base Photo from Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Hello and welcome to a pocket guide to object-oriented programming (OOP) by Zeeshan Elahi.

This course has been designed to help people with basic knowledge of computer programming to learn object-oriented programming (OOP). If you know nothing about computer programming or core concepts of computer programming. I would recommend you to go through and read core concepts of computer programming in a short course here.

Just like our first course of programming core, I have tried to keep this course short and simple as well. …

Base Photo from Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Hello and welcome to a pocket guide to programming core by Zeeshan Elahi.

This course has been designed to help people with less or no previous knowledge of computer programming. So they can learn minimal and core concepts of a programming language and kick start their journey of learning any programming language they would like.

I have used these same concepts and techniques to learn 20 or more different languages in past 12+ years. Whenever I want to learn a new programming language, I just try to learn these core concepts first to get started and to get used to…

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