Hey Everyone,

So I was planning to write some getting started guides for some trending technologies and frameworks for web applications development.

But, I was totally confused with one thing and that was the Operating System. Because, I don’t want to write getting started guides for all different OS that…

Firebase & Android Integration

Hey Everyone!

Today I would like to discuss about Firebase and how you can integrate it in your Android application with few simple steps.

What is Firebase

Firebase is basically a mobile and web application development platform that help developers and companies to quickly integrate some very exciting as well as interesting features…

Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style-sheets) is basically a scripting language that is compiled or interpreted as CSS (Cascading Style-sheets). As per official Sass website it is a CSS extension language or CSS with super powers.


I have compiled this small tutorial or how-to guide for people with some basic understanding of…

Zeeshan Elahi

I am a son, husband, father, brother, friend, software engineering professional and fitness enthusiast. I love reading, writing, vlogging and sharing knowledge.

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